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Turning Community Advocacy Into Action

Approaching the challenges of our LGBT+ community today requires problem-solvers, leaders, clinicians, social workers, volunteers and more. All those variations bring different perspectives and are willing to take risks to serve our great diverse LGBT+ community. With that, at Safe Place, despite the role you play you are an "Advocate" in our eyes. Over the course of any involvement, you may have with our organization you will see "all" roles end with "Advocate". This represents we all are on the same team and essentially have the same role in a prodigious way.

Safe Place emerged out of a pursuit to close the tremendous gap in support and services for the LGBT+ community, specifically for those that are 25 to 49 years of age. After completion of our market research in early 2022 it was immediately found that support and services are lacking in the areas of temporary and long-term housing, support for domestic and hate crime violence victims, and the resources that align with that support specifically for LGBT+ adults within the disadvantaged, low-income working-class median. 

Established May 2, 2022, we’re an organization driven by progressive and inclusive ideas, bold actions, and a strong foundation of support and integrity. Contact us to learn more and get involved; advocate in your community with us.

Our Mission

Closing the housing services gap for the disadvantaged LGBT+ adult community. 

Summary of
our Services

We serve all LGBT+ employed adults and allies

ages 25-49 that fall within the local disadvantaged,

low-income median and their current pets. Providing priority services to LGBT+ adults needing to escape domestic violence, facing eviction based on discrimination, and victims seeking refuge from

hate crimes in the U.S. and abroad.

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